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All our Margaritas are made with fresh house-made limeade 1oz Tequila & 0.5oz Triple Sec with a salted rim & fresh lime.

Lime Margarita


Hibiscus Lime Margarita

Served frozen & swirled with our house made Hibiscus Iced Tea.


Spicy Pineapple Margarita

Served on the rocks, shaken with Jalapenos & Pineapple juice. Finished with a Tajin Rim.



Served on the rocks and topped with Grapefruit soda.


Patron Reposado

1.5 oz served over ice or neat.








Cold beers for warm days.


355 ml 4.6%



330 ml 4.5%


Negra Modelo

355 ml 5.5%


Longwood Local IPA

473 ml 6.5%


Longwood Island IPA

Lager or Pale Ale
355 ml 5%



Featured Red VQA 8 Oz

Guaranteed 100% grown and made in BC.


House Red 8 Oz

Sawmill Creek BC


Featured White VQA 8 Oz

Guaranteed 100% grown and made in BC.


House White 8 Oz

Sawmill Creek BC


House Made


Choose any Margarita flavour, alcohol free.


Citrus Mint Iced Tea

Cool blend of orange, lime, mint & black tea.


Hibiscus Iced Tea

Organic hibiscus flower tea lightly sweetened.


Fresh Squeezed Limeade

Fresh squeezed limeade lightly sweetened.


Bottled Drinks

Jarritos Mexican Soda

Cola or Guava


Sparkling Water

Regular or Flavoured


Corona Sunbrew (0.0%)


Hot Drinks

Mexican Coffee

Stay warm with a dark roast coffee spiked 1.5oz of Tequila & Kahlua & topped with whipped cream.


Coffee, Tea, or Herbal Tea


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